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Don't forget to Check Your Social media Settings when Posting

As with all business postings on social media, you should check your settings to ensure you are sending your message to the right audience. You might have the most brilliant news to tell the world , but if your settings are incorrect, you will find you are only publishing your news to a fraction of the audience you had hoped to reach.

This is true of Google+ which gives you the option to send your message to either predefined personal or business circles...you can even post your message publicly.

Last year, for about five weeks, I forgot that I had selected restricted viewing of my message to my business circles instead to a wider public audience. There was nothing I could do to except delete and change every single entry, which was impossible for me because I had five weeks worth.

So be warned, make sure you can check your settings as well as your final message, otherwise you will be only contacting only a small proportion of the audience you had hoped to reach.

Ian Lockyer

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