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Dealing with Spam Referral Traffic in Google Analytics.

I have recently had some extra traffic to the websites that I run. You would think that I would be happy with that, but this traffic is referral analytics spam of which two were o-o-6-o-o.com and humanorightswatch.org. This type of Spam has no effect on your site traffic at all; it only affects your Google analytics...it's a complete waste of time to include it in the calculation of your statistics.

To get rid of these pseudo results from your analytics is fairly simple. All you need to go to is Admin choose the website you wish to change and set your settings to exclude traffic from the ISP domain that end with the website you are trying to exclude.

You won't see it instantly be removed from your Google Analytics as it normally takes at least 2-3 days to do so.

Ian Lockyer

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