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Dodgy looking Domain renewal notices

Today I received a couple of official renewal notices that a few of the .com domain names that I look after were up for renewal. I thought that this was a bit weird as I normally have a good idea on the status on all my domains, whether they are in use or not.

I decided to check my domain statuses with my providers, just to double check that I wasn't being a bid stupid and found that they were all well in date.

So I went back and inspected this official looking email in more detail, only to see that the sender email address had a 4 four digit number inserted in the second half of the address, which is sometimes a clear indication that is unscrupulous company is trying to get you to part with your credit card details.

Be warned, these companies are getting better at the emails they send over. If they are not related to your domain supplier, they have probably obtained your details from the public WHOIS record to get your details...they probably aren't even accredited Domain registrars.

Follow the golden rule, if in doubt, delete the email and never, ever send over your credit card details.

Ian Lockyer

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