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Getting the hang of Google+ (for Business!)

I think I am just about getting the hang of Google+. Not sure why it has taken me so long to get used to it as a social media tool for business. I think the layout and user interface is less familiar to that of other social networks and if you aren't used to something , you tend not to use it. However, I have persevered with Google+, taking the long term approach that as Google+ is intertwined with other Google products and searches, that posting on this network will benefit me.

I am glad I have stayed the course. I now realise that the Google+ user is very different to that of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I find that they are more technologically literate, very educated and interested in very niche subjects. Engagement has taken sometime, but I have started to crack it. How did I do this? Well I followed these tips.

Good content like any network is important and should be dressed up in the right way. Unlike some other networks Google+ allows you to format your text instead of boring block of text. Don't underestimate the importance of images also. Great photography will improve your click through rates. I always post a picture with every post instead of using the thumbnail images that auto-generate when you drop a link into your status update.

Engagement is always the name of the game on any social network. Google+ is not different so don't just expect +1's, be more ambitious and ask questions to encourage participation and contributions. Another good way of getting exposure for your post to a large audience is put a themed hash tag which will align your Google+ activity with the broader community.

So there you have it. The tips to being successful on Google+ are not so different to being successful on other social networks....trust me with the results I am getting, it is worth the perseverance.

For more online tips, click on Social Media tips to help grow your business.

Ian Lockyer

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