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Don't forget to Check Your Social media Settings when Posting - 07/04/2015

As with all business postings on social media, you should check your settings to ensure you are sending your message to the right audience. [...]
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Is Lead Forensic Analytics Software all it is Cracked up to be? - 18/03/2015

I love it when sales people coming back from customer visits. The latest feedback from one visit was that one of our customers was using a [...]
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Dealing with Spam Referral Traffic in Google Analytics. - 09/03/2015

I have recently had some extra traffic to the websites that I run. You would think that I would be happy with that, but this traffic is refe[...]
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Dodgy looking Domain renewal notices - 26/02/2015

Today I received a couple of official renewal notices that a few of the .com domain names that I look after were up for renewal. I thoug[...]
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Getting the hang of Google+ (for Business!) - 25/10/2013

I think I am just about getting the hang of Google+. Not sure why it has taken me so long to get used to it as a social media tool for busi[...]
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Welcome to easimarketing

easimarketing...marketing made simple...that's how I see it.

easimarketing...marketing made simple...that's how I see it. No business jargon clouded in techno babble. Simple marketing techniques to drive sales, promote your company and improve your bottom line.

On this site I will be offering marketing advice and tips for all businesses both big and small without the bull. If you want to contact me for help on any marketing projects that you have in place, go to my consultancy page for a list of my marketing services.

easi Tips

Throughout my business life I have picked up a number of marketing/business tips and ideas that have made my life easier and has contributed to the success of the organisations that I have represented...

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