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No business can run properly without a motivated, trained sales function. Learn some simple yet effective sales tips here!

Make a positive first impression on every sale call!

On every sales call that you make, it is vitally important that you are positive and remain enthusiastic throughout the call, even if you are under the weather or having a really bad day

Make sure you smile and open the conversation with ...
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Its Never, Ever Been so Important to Look After your Best Customers

In the current economic climate, it has never been as important to hold onto your current customer as the cost of acquiring new customers is incredibly expensive. The danger fro your business is that during the good times, your sales team may have g...
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Invoices & quotes...promotional tool for your business?

Invoices and quotes can act as a promotional tool for your business? You can add special offers, details of events/exhibitions and sponsorships. Make sure you keep the message simple and to the point so that they are read and donít detract from the i...
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How to retain your existing customers

This is so important and something we all take for granted. These are the people paying your wages, keeping your company afloat at the moment. Ignore them at your peril. Contact them, not with the hard sell, and make sure that they are happy with ...
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Fundamentals in understanding your customers

There are many things you need to understand about your customers to give you the correct direction in profitably satisfying their needs.

1. Who buys? Sort the chaff out, who is the real purchaser

2. How frequently do they buy...
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Identifying which customers are profitable?

Important to analyse these points so you can plan and allocate resource more efficiently. You may be able to observe anomalies where extra discount is given unnecessarily; you may identify areas of opportunity. It is not good practice to keep on to...
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Tips on how to find new customers

The following are a range of basic and cost effective techniques on finding a new customer base.

1. Networking. Industry events, join trade bodies, exhibitions, conferences the list is pretty extensive.

2. Look at what your c...
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The Value of Learning

Children learn by asking questions. Students learn by asking questions. Apprentices learn by asking questions. So why is it that a lot of business people no longer ask questions? Asking questions is the simplest and most effective way of learning. ...
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