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Presentation Skills
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Presentation Skills

Standing up and making a lively, informative presentation can be daunting. We show you tips on how to get over the fears and make that effective presentation.

Are you looking for royalty free images for your PowerPoint presentation

If you are looking for images to spruce up you PowerPoint presentations then Flickr may be a good place to start. If you go to the advanced search option page, and look for photos with a "Creative Commons license", you will be able to use them as lon...
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Relaxation Techniques for Presenters

If you are nervous about making a presentation, there are several things that you can do. One thing you can do is use some relaxation exercises. This might sound odd, but they actually do work. The more relaxed you are, the more assured you will b...
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Breathing Exercises for Presenters

There are some people who get really nervous before making a presentation. Don’t worry, this is quite common. To help get over those nerves you could try some breathing exercise, which should relax you and put yourself in a better frame of mind. He...
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My presentation has put my audience to sleep!

This can be quite distressing for a presenter and could be down to a couple of things. Obviously, your audience could be bored so you need to check your materials and get someone to give you feedback on your delivery.

In most cases tho...
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What to wear when presenting

What you wear is as important as any other aspect of your presentation. Always choose something appropriate for your audience, which means you don't necessarily have to wear a tie and suit. However if you are doing a formal business presentation it...
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People are terrified of public speaking, but we can help

I recently found out what the top ten fears that most people fear were and surprisingly public speaking comes out a the top…even beating the fear of death!

1. Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia)
2. Fear of death (Necrophobia)
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Start and finish your presentation with a bang!!

Starting a presentation with a powerful message will instantly grab your audience. Then carry on this momentum throughout the presentation until you reach the end where you should finish with a powerful ending.

A 'call for action', a posi...
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Dealing with a difficult member of the audience during a presentation

If you are heckled by someone in your audience, there are many things that you can do. You can thank them for their contribution before moving on. If that doesn't work, you can acknowledge their comments and say that you will deal with them at the ...
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Dealing with Distractions in your Presentations

It is inevitable that there will be times during your presentation when someone walks into the room by mistake, or a mobile phone will go off or the projector won't work.

If these things happen, don't be a prisoner of these circumstances...
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Using Gestures in your Presentation

Gestures are a great way of adding extra emphasis to a point in a speech. When you're passionate about a subject, gestures can non-verbally convey the purpose and intent behind your words. Many speakers seem to think using gestures is a matter of ...
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Deliver your Presentations with Pitch, Pace and Pauses

A boring, flat monotone voice has the ability to kill a presentation dead. Think of all the time you have invested in researching and planning your speech, only to have your efforts wasted because you have not truly engaged your audience.  Don't fre...
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Dealing with nerves before making a presentation

Firstly take time at the beginning, you are the one people have come to see so don’t rush yourself. To combat your nerves breathe deeply...there is no point in getting into a tizzy...it will only affect your performance. Then get comfortable, loo...
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Dealing with Mistakes when Making a Presentation

The audience never really knows when you make a mistake or how you are feeling so never own up or apologies if you make a mistake…they won’t know. Nine times out of ten you will get away with it. Enjoy speaking and let it show. The confidence you ...
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The importance of smiling when speaking in public

Remember the power of the smile - when you smile your voice smiles! It is also incredibly infectious to the audience.
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