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easi Marketing Tips
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easi Marketing Tips

Throughout my business life I have picked up a number of marketing/business tips and ideas that have made my life easier and has contributed to the success of the organisations that I have represented. Here you will find simple to read, easy to understand and more importantly actionable tips to improve your business.

You will find tips in PR, marketing strategy, the web, direct mail, sponsorship and sales. If you feel that there is anything missing, please let me know.

PR (Public Relations)

Public Relations is a cost effective way of raising your company profile. More importantly, it should now play an important part of your overall internet/marketing strategy.

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The internet in my view is the single most important marketing tool for business today. Everything I have ever done in marketing stems from or leads to the Internet. Learn some more from these great Internet/website tips in this section.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will allow you to optimise your website for the search engines. It will you to gain you a higher search engine ranking allowing you to generate more natural traffic to your website without spending money on paid adve...

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Social Media

Social media marketing tackled properly will get you closer to your customer than ever before. What’s more, the low cost tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress etc will give you a potentially large numbers of visitors who will come back to your ...

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Email Marketing

Email is an important and cost effective communication tool for most businesses, but there are a lot of pitfalls to navigate around to get it right. Learn how to do this with this range of Email marketing tips.

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Direct Mail

Some say that Direct mail is dead. I disagree and believe that as long as the Direct Mail you are writing is well constructed and properly targeted, it can play an important weapon in your marketing arsenal.

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Are you looking for some marketing tips on how to get sponsorship for your charity or voluntary organisation? Are you on the reverse side of the sponsorship equation and are trying to find a compatible charity for your Corporate Social Responsibilit...

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No business can run properly without a motivated, trained sales function. Learn some simple yet effective sales tips here!

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Marketing Strategy

Are you in a rut? Are you so close to your product and your company that you cannot see the bigger picture to take your business forward? Click here for some practical marketing tips or how to direct your business forward. Or go to the easihelp pa...

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Advertising (Below & Above the line)

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive and used in the right way, can raise your company exposure very quickly. Click below for some effective advertising/marketing tips!

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Presentation Skills

Standing up and making a lively, informative presentation can be daunting. We show you tips on how to get over the fears and make that effective presentation.

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Marketing Miscellaneous

This section features simple, useful marketing tips that I couldn’t categorise...I promise they will be worth looking at!

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Exhibitions & Exhibiting

Marketing tips to help you gain the most out of your exhibitions.

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General Business Tips

A range of general business tips to help your marketing and help drive your business forward.

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