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Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Strategy

Are you in a rut? Are you so close to your product and your company that you cannot see the bigger picture to take your business forward? Click here for some practical marketing tips or how to direct your business forward. Or go to the easihelp page to contact me directly.

Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Marketing Strategy for the small business doesn’t mean that you have to have your head in the air with marketing hyperbolae. The same simple, sound basic principles apply for the small business as do that to a large company with a team of marketer...
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Before you start planning

Before starting your planning up you need to know where you’ll find customers, why they’ll want to buy from you, and how you can make enough sales and profit to be viable. The most important word is want. You must be sure the desire is there, and is ...
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Wot is a SWOT?

SWOT stands for strengths and weaknesses (of your business), and opportunities and threats (external influences). Your strengths produce opportunities; your weaknesses expose you to threats. Use SWOT in your business planning to show how you will ove...
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