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Exhibitions & Exhibiting
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Exhibitions & Exhibiting

Marketing tips to help you gain the most out of your exhibitions.

Make Your Event More Memorable with a Looky Likey

An idea to create extra excitement at your event is to supply celebrity Looky Likey to mingle amongst your audience. A good idea also is to hire either a professional photographer or buy a range of disposable cameras to make that event extra memorab...
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The Exhibitor Manual is there to help you, not get in your way

The Exhibitor Manual provides everything you need to know about the show. It contains all the rules and regulations, contractor information, build up and break down dates, accommodation details etc. The exhibitor manual will normally have some good ...
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Opportunities and Potential Pitfalls with Exhibiting

Exhibitions can be really hard work, yet can be incredibly worthwhile from a business and even personal perspective. What annoys me is that some office support staff think that those going to an exhibition are on a jolly. Socialising and networking a...
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Don't be afraid to reevaluate and even change your goals and objectives during an exhibition

The goals and objectives you set before an exhibition can change during the time of the show. You should review the progress of your goals and objectives and make adjustments throughout the show to keep on track.
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Identifying the Right Exhibition

When deciding on which exhibition to go to, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Which shows best attracts your target audience?
2. Is the show within your budget?
3. Is it in a convenient place for staffing and ...
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Don’t leave graphics to the last minute.

If you leave the decision about your graphics to the last minute, you will probably end up paying a premium for the job, with the possibility that the job will go wrong. Graphics should be part of the stand brief, so plan your graphics in plenty of ...
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Grab the attention of your audience!

When considering the design of your stand, the use of graphics and your company logo should be paramount. You should attempt to make your graphics interesting, even life-size to really grab attention of the audience. You should keep text to a minimu...
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Work with the show organisers!

Don’t forget to work with the show organizers. It might feel like a pain in the ass having to feel in countless ‘Health and Safety’ or ‘Promote Yourself’ forms but these initiatives are for the benefit of your company. If you delay the return of th...
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Don't forget to tell your customers

Don’t forget to tell your customers that you will be attending an exhibition… its amazing how many companies get preoccupied with other jobs that they forget this important, yet simple principle.
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Lighting will make a Huge Difference to an Exhibtion Stand

Lighting is everything. A poorly lit exhibition stand will have very little appeal. However carefully selected lighting will make a difference to your brand, the prominence of your product range and the general ambience of the your stand.
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Exhibition follow up

One of the most important thing that companies tend to neglect sis the exhibition follow up process. Imagine the scenario, you have spent a week on a stand, you have set up and stripped it down and now you are back in the office and other things fee...
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