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Don't forget to Check Your Social media Settings when Posting - 07/04/2015

As with all business postings on social media, you should check your settings to ensure you are sending your message to the right audience. [...]
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Is Lead Forensic Analytics Software all it is Cracked up to be? - 18/03/2015

I love it when sales people coming back from customer visits. The latest feedback from one visit was that one of our customers was using a [...]
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Dealing with Spam Referral Traffic in Google Analytics. - 09/03/2015

I have recently had some extra traffic to the websites that I run. You would think that I would be happy with that, but this traffic is refe[...]
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Dodgy looking Domain renewal notices - 26/02/2015

Today I received a couple of official renewal notices that a few of the .com domain names that I look after were up for renewal. I thoug[...]
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Getting the hang of Google+ (for Business!) - 25/10/2013

I think I am just about getting the hang of Google+. Not sure why it has taken me so long to get used to it as a social media tool for busi[...]
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About easi Marketing

I am fully qualified marketing professional with a wide range of marketing and digital experience. Since July 2004 I have been a Chartered Marketer. I am also a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Direct Marketing.

For the last 17 years I have been Marketing Manager of Icom UK Ltd. In that position, I have managed a wide portfolio of electronic products across six diverse market sectors. Many sectors have become commoditised and I have implemented schemes to promote the company, maintain profile and profitability. This has been against strong multi-national competition in each sector.

I have been responsible for large marketing budget allocating budget to advertising, direct mail, exhibitions, internet, training, dealer support, Point of Sale (POS), sponsorship etc. I have been responsible for initiating and managing successful exhibitions, conferences, training days, product launches etc. I have devised, implemented and managed a wide range of initiatives including our online strategy. Our communications strategy has been integrated to provide a uniform, synergistic and controlled output.

As well as this, I have worked freelance as a consultant undertaking marketing projects for various clients.

I have a passion for the internet and using new technology for marketing. I enjoy understanding and using new technology as part of the marketing mix. I passionately believe that the internet and, most recently, social media are fundamentally changing the way organizations need to act online.

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